Jody Morrissette, Principal Violin II

                                                  Jody Morrissette (76K)                                                                                                                

Jody Morrissette joined the Portland Columbia Symphony as Principle Second Violin in 2002. Prior to moving to Portland, she played professionally in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Topeka, and New York. Originally from Buffalo, Ms. Morrissette holds degrees in music and music therapy. As a board certified music therapist, she has worked in pediatric intensive care, oncology, Alzheimer care, special education, and music theater for adults with disabilities. With violin in hand, previous memorable experiences include the honor of a duet performance with Isaac Stern, the eccentric world of studio recording in Hollywood, theater and opera orchestras, chamber groups, radio, schools, movie soundtracks, playing Irish tunes on the roof of the car in traffic jams, and of course family weddings. When not performing, Jody enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family.